Welcome To Gone Before Gridlock

Your home is your castle... but after a disaster your town will quickly become a prison. In a crisis, even a 30 minute head start can be the difference between escaping unharmed, and being hamstrung in your own home. Gone Before Gridlock gives you the tools you need to escape, evade, survive, and thrive in ANY crisis, before other people even know what hit them. Let's get started.

Module 1: What is Gridlock?

Module 2: Proper Planning & Preparation

Module 3: Y​our First Line of Defense

Module 4: Getting the Gear You Need

Module 5: Storage Secrets

Module 6: Execution is Everything

Module 7: Conclusion

Conclusion: Gone Before Gridlock

Let's Recap What You've Learned!

This course has help provide you with techniques and strategies you need to keep you and your loved ones safe during any and all circumstances. At the Family Protection Association our mission is to provide a vast array of knowledge, tactics and skills in the survival, protection and preparedness fields. We know that life comes at you fast, so our goal is to keep you prepared for any and all dangerous and emergency situations. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help keep you and your family safe.

Dave Scott

Chairman, Family Protection Association

Bonus Modules

In this module you’ll learn: How to create your own moisture proof “Survival Stash” to store your gear efficiently, effectively and out of sight.

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In this module you’ll learn: The top 3 firearms for any survival situation and why you should have them NOW. You’ll also see Dave’s personal top picks.

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